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Raven’s investments are opportunistic, often include solution capital or special situations, and have low
correlation to market rates or spread widening. Raven seeks to mitigate portfolio risk and capital loss
through highly selective origination, rigorous due diligence and underwriting, and structuring using
over 115 years of the Raven team’s combined investment experience.
  • Direct asset-based loans and acquisition of cash flowing assets
  • Non-sponsor
  • Flexible capital
  • Target senior secured loans
  • Solution capital, including special situations, recapitalizations, project finance, growth capital and rescue financing
  • Club deals, bank debt and syndicated loans
  • Over $4.5 billion in average annual origination
  • Distinct opportunities
  • Partnerships
  • Participations

Investment Process

The Raven team follows the tenets of its investment process to capture the most attractive credits
in the lower middle market.